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Holiday Wellness Tips!

Sunshine1-629x240Hello loves! Happy Monday!

Today I wanted to share some wellness tips for the holidays. We are very much in the midst of flu season and it will continue to colder as the weeks go by increasing the risk of sickness. Living in Texas the weather can be very unpredictable,  why not protect yourselves from getting sick so you can be at our best for our holidays spend with family & friends. Below you will find some of my personal favs and practices that helps my health stay optimal at this time:

  1.Dont Be Afraid to Indulge

  • During the holidays we should not restict ourselves but we should still honor our bodies. There is a such thing as over indulgence and a lot of times we eat a ton because our eyes are big and we know that there is a lot of food present to freely eat. I love to partake in desserts and some desserts can be super rich in calories. So to indulge in a smart manner we should enjoy one dessert twice weekly rather than many and if it is a high calorie dessert find a family member or friend to split it with. You can also make healthier alternative to your favorite desserts if you have the resources to do so. Satisfy that sweet tooth but don’t over do it!

    2. Get Movin!

  • Holidays get pretty busy and it can become overwhelming for the average person. Don’t allow yourself to lose that zeal to exercise and stay active. I know this is a time for vacation and relaxation but don’t get that confused with laziness. You can be active around the house by doing lunges on the stairs, dancing while cooking in the kitchen,  or doing push-ups during commercials. Be intentional about keeping your muscles and bones energized and in tip top shape. 15 minutes of exercise a day can positively impact your mental status for 48 hours and also lessen digestive upsets from hearty meals.

    3. Stock Up on Healthy Meals 

  • I love to meal plan during the holiday season. Yes, on Christmas and Thanksgiving there is a ton of food prepared but to decrease the amount I intake daily, meal planning is my friend. Meal planning helps ensure that you don’t eat too much starchy high calorie foods in one day, it also helps provide a good space. It also helps people not get tired of the same thing every single day for a week. You can also turn some of your holiday food into healthy meals and freeze them to preserve a ton of food from wasting away.

    4. Supplements & Superfoods

  • Staying on track with my vitamins and probiotics are a must for me. I take RAW WOMEN’S PROBIOTICS twice daily to ensure my good bacteria and digestive health stays at it’s prime. I also take RAW WOMEN’S MULTIVITAMIN to make sure I am getting my daily nutrient intake.  They are an amazing bran and I swear by them! I also like to add superfoods to my meals like kale, acai, chia seeds, flax seeds, spirulina, and wheatgrass to name a few. They have great cancer preventitive properties, antioxidants, and they are loaded with tons of nutrient factors.

    5. Embrace Mental Clarity 

  • DO NOT OVERWHELM YOURSELF. The holidays are crazy and a ton of people burn out by the end of the year. Practice mental clarity. I love to spend time in prayer with the Lord, I find when I hand over my schedule to him he helps me better prioritize my day and calms my heart. Many people practice meditation, mantras, and  yoga to help with mental clarity to name a few. I also like to read, take a walk, and just go outside to clear my head and regroup. It will make a huge difference

Well loves those are my tips, please let me know if you have any questions and I pray you guys have an amazing Thanksgiving! I will be back after this week subsides and I am back in town.

Talk to you all soon,



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