Eating Whole Foods: Benefits & Healing

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Hey babes!

I hope you guys are having an amazing week! I wanted to share with you guys one of the reasons I am so passionate about nutrition.

The above picture speaks volumes! So many of us especially in the United States are sick and we don’t even realize it. A lot of sickness and disease originates from the diet we choose daily and the habits we make regarding our health/exercise. Food itself can either heal you or destroy you; it has more power than we realize concerning our bodily functions.

Our organs need nutrition to operate properly and if you eat a horrible diet your organs will surely be dysfunctional over time. Our bodies need real, raw, whole foods to heal, cleanse, and energize us on a daily basis.  Whole foods are so good for us and when we focus on the positive change they can make in our lives we can HEAL.


Processed foods hinder our health and add disease into our lives more rapidly than ever right now. Modern day food chains are tricking us into thinking the food we buy from them is 100% beef/gluten free/ healthy/etc. Most of the time we buy into these illusions and make ourselves sick in the process.

We have to be hungry for a change in our bodies. We have to yearn to be healthy and energized. Our bodies are our most important vessel in keeping us moving and able. If we are not healthy we cannot properly pursue our life purpose and live a vibrant life.

Coming from someone who has dealt with illness because of my choice diet I am a huge advocate for holistic healing and herbal cleansing. When I am consistently eating a balanced diet I find myself more energized and my usual symptoms subside. When I go back to eating out more than usual it begins to affect my body in a negative way with illness all over again. Through eating a balanced diet I have managed to rid myself of medication and unnecessary procedures, I truly enjoy how I feel when I am eating real foods.

I will go into more details about holistic health as time goes on this summer, I hope to share some recipes I have been working on this summer as well to help you guys get started on your own healing journey.  I will attach a picture of this amazing documentary I have watched that helps educate you on food epidemics, I encourage you all to watch it for yourselves.hungry for change

Have an amazing week and I will talk to you guys soon! As always if you guys have any questions please email me through my contact page, I would love to chat!



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