Healthy Feelings Toward Food: Why It’s Important?

Hello Honeys!

I am back with a new post close to my heart, having a healthy relationship with food. Why is it so important? What am I trying to accomplish by writing this?

I have had people ask me, “how can I love food when I  hate what I see as myself ?” and it truly breaks my heart. Having a healthy relationship with food is VITAL especially as women. As we all know we are our hardest critics and we are so so hard on our physical bodies at times. Constantly striving to be another way, like someone else, prettier, etc. That is not how we should approach ourselves at all.


Forming a healthy relationship with food comes first from forming a healthy relationship with yourself. When have constant negativity towards how you look it begins to affect your body physically. The mind is a powerful tool and how you think can literally effect how you feel physically–making you sick. When you view yourself as a beautiful person you tend to treat your body better, fueling it with healthy things that help you to feel great! When you have an extremely negative outlook on your body it can lead to starvation, eating disorders, restrictions, junk food addictions, and general unhealthy habits.

Trust, I can only imagine how hard it is to struggle with those things but you CAN overcome them. Learn to LOVE yourself! We are all so beautiful and worthy of self-love, we were made so uniquely perfect just the way we are. I understand some individuals have weight struggles, food sensitivities, etc, but there are healthy ways to deal with those things that can affect your body in a healthy way physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Get active! Even if you can’t do much a walk goes a long way and it also helps to clear the mind of clutter and release physical tension. Don’t work-out excessively, treat your body with love. Don’t fill your body with processed unhealthy foods, fill it with wholesome real foods that will fuel you instead of hinder your progress. Be kind to yourself, listen to what your body wants, listen to what it needs, and listen to what upsets it. You only have one body on this Earth so you have to be careful to what experiences you choose to give it on a daily basis.

1 Corinthians 6:19 ” Do you know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You do not belong to yourself”

Our lives our not our own, we belong to a sacrificial and loving GodIt hurts him to see us putting our bodies through so much hate when he designed it with so much love in his heart.


In writing this I wanted to accomplish one thing: LOVE. I love each and every one of you JUST the way you are. I know I don’t know all of you but know that you are loved and you are beautiful. If you want to lose weight, gain, tone, etc; do it in a healthy way! I want you all to love yourselves just as Christ first loved you. YOU CAN DO IT, I believe in you 🙂

My next post will have some tips for healthy food habits!

Love ya’ll!



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