Embracing Self : Confidence!

Hello loves!

 Today we will be discussing CONFIDENCE and some great tips to maintain loving yourself in the perfectly designed body you have. Let’s get started!Screen-shot-2011-05-15-at-11.29.32-AM

1. Optimism: When viewing yourself as an individual it is so easy to be your hardest critic. Sometimes you feel you have to match perfection in the eyes of others or you may simply feel not “good” enough in something you are trying to personally achieve. I have been there and I still experience that sometimes. I get it, some days are ROUGH and you just don’t feel like being positive. The reality though, is sometimes forcing yourself to see things in a positive light can help transform your mood into something so joyous you never knew you could feel that way! Practice looking at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning and saying something nice about yourself, pray throughout the day, tell yourself it is going to be a glorious day and that negative things will not affect you.  You can be an optimist in loving yourself, give it a try!

2. Read positive words: I have found that uplifting and inspiring books give me a fire in my heart to conquer my fears and ACT! The positive energy flowing out of an inspirational book seems to seep into my heart and I love how I feel after reading something that promotes healthy self image, purpose, pursuing dreams, and BEING YOURSELF. It’s amazing!

3. Eat a healthy diet: This one is CRUCIAL! Our emotions especially as women can get out of whack easily. When we do not eat a healthy diet our hormones can get unbalanced quick and if you continue eating bad it will be hard to reverse them. Eating bad can cause chemical imbalances of the brain, constant negativity, and an unhealthy physical body. When you follow a balanced diet of protein, fruits, vegetables, and STAY hydrated, your life can drastically improve and your body will thank you. A balanced diet also helps maintain a healthy weight, improving your image of yourself and giving you added energy with a boost of confidence!

4. Surround yourself around positive energy: Surround yourself around people that will lift your spirits instead of tear them down. Yes, there will be times where loving criticism will come into play and REAL friends should not sugarcoat the truth. But, when you are surrounded around people that truly love you they will give you that loving nudge while wiping your tears away and supporting you at the same time. The energy you surround yourself around will rub off on you, it’s about being around friends that pick up each other. When you are down they will lift you; when they are down, you will lift them.

5: Exercise: Being physical in some way daily can be so refreshing. I know some may dread going to the gym or getting into the actual action of working out  but after a great work out you feel SO much better and more energized. Depending on what your goal is you can lean out, define muscle, gain, or lose. Make sure your purpose of exercising is healthy and that you are not obsessing about your appearance but instead genuinely taking care of your well-being. Exercise releases positive energizing endorphin’s that improve your brain senses, which in turn improve your view of yourself and life; aiding in positivity.

Don’t put yourself in such a small box, make that leap into a bigger perspective of yourself and know that you have the utmost potential to do ANYTHING. When you are genuinely yourself and comfortable with yourself, the possibilities of your dreams and aspirations happening are endless. YOU CAN DO IT!

You are all beautiful! Until next time,




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