When Your Journey Seems Awry

Hi Honeys!

Lately, I have been struck with this feeling of disappointment in myself in all aspects. My husband and I dealt with a huge financial shift in 2014 that left me stressed and brought my health issues back with full vengeance. Though things are seeming to feel more and more positive I can’t help but realize how far I fell in the process. I gave up on so much including my health, studies, dreams, and my confidence.  Once things started going bad I felt like nothing was worth aiming for anymore and I honestly felt as if I would be sick forever. Have any of you ever felt like nothing was going to improve? That you would be stuck in a hard place forever?hope

I have great news for you, this too shall pass! Trust me I am still working through that exact belief but I am definitely believing it for myself because Gods goodness is just too good and his grace is just too sufficient to be constantly down about things when we have a breathe of life right now. We are obviously still here for a reason and despite what you think you can’t do, think of all the things you can do and accomplish through his strength.  Yes, at one point I felt like my health issues would not subside and that I would be a burden to my husband  forever but God is moving in my life! I have an amazing supportive husband and I’ve  improved so much over the past few years; despite the hard times I am still proud of myself. I am strong, I am brave, and I am vibrantly going to live out the life that he has set before me. There is so much more to my life than this and pushing through helps me be more optimistic and worry free. Over this hump is something so amazing that I will hardly believe that I have the testimony that I have. God is using me as a vessel to help people and that in itself is cherishing to me, I absolutely love it.let-the-sunshine-in-l-xwvssr

I am starting to be and feel so much better in the place that I am in, skin that I am in, and the life that I live. I have a new found zest for life and I plan on taking risks and using that zest moving forward. Sometimes you just need a refresh so that you can push forward and ENJOY yourself.  SO honey I encourage you to grab hold of yourself,  give yourself a warm embrace, and move FORWARD.

Life is cherishing, life is but a vapor, and through the hard times we must rejoice as well as through the good times we must rejoice! We all have something to be grateful for and thankful for. Though the journey may seem awry right now, there is a rainbow on the other side. You will make it through and you will LIVE—Live the amazing life that God has given you. Live more, Love HARD, and laugh A LOT! I love you all and the journey WILL be worth it!(if any of you need prayer, encouragement, or to just talk I am available by email— on my contact page) 

Starting next week Friday 3/6 I will be beginning a series called, Embracing Self: Loving every step of the way— It will be 6 weeks long and each week I will post a blog relating to the above topic, hoping it will bless you guys and offer some encouragement as well!




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