Lovely Reflection


Hi Honeys!

So in my last post I mentioned that I attended the Passion Conference earlier this month and let me say again, it was truly LIFE changing. I wanted to take some time to let you guys in on some things I have been reflecting on. Right now I have yet to write a blog that is ALL about health and I know you guys are like, what’s up with that? Truth is I want you guys to get to know me on a deeper level and as far as the beautiful health things I have been working and preparing some things behind the scenes for y’all that are coming very very soon! Starting in March I will move more and more into all things HEALTHY ( SOOOOOO EXCITED!). Moving onto this post you are on now, I am talking about reflection; conference reflection, life reflection, and learned lessons. Let’s get into it, a few tips I have learned lately:

1. We all have purpose

We are ALL unique and special human beings. We were all born with so many talents and I feel a lot times people do not realize their potential and just how valuable they can be to this world. As an individual you have the POWER to impact this world in so so many ways and I feel that when people truly realize their worth is when they can put their talents into motion. Let’s all walk in our purpose and lean not on our own understanding but Gods—-he WILL help direct your paths ( I mean he did design them 😉 )

2. Never lose the urge & Don’t Quit

The enemy is so busy in our lives daily, especially when we are experiencing hard trials. We cannot let him win and force ourselves to quit due to false truth. The enemy is not God so therefore we cannot trust all of the negative emotions that enter our minds. Are some negative emotions relevant? Yes. But since when did we become imprisoned to our emotions alone? I could feel like I want to kill my neighbor because they did something to make me mad, but I shouldn’t act on it. When you feel yourself feeling negatively, pray. Pray, pray, pray until you get clarity. Not every negative is meant to spoken of and not every positive feeling is from God.

3. Have Confidence

No matter what ANYONE says I truly think that everyone is beautiful in some way. Yes there are some people that are just plain rude for no apparent reason but you have to remember that we ALL have problems that we are working and you cannot judge someone before truly knowing their story. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, society may depict beauty as this superficial thing but let’s get excited about being naturally ourselves again. Let’s not sugarcoat who we are to please someone who’s opinion won’t matter two weeks from now. Let your personality shine, smile, hold your head up high, and strut like you know you’re beautiful like you are. Confidence shines through a person and I love seeing people that are confident with themselves. Confidence helps people excel in careers, feel better as an overall person, and can boost your energy level as well. So shine bright you beautiful diamond!

4.Let. It. Go

Boy! Letting it go is everything if you’re trying to move forward in any aspect of life. Burdens are heavy and resentment is hurtful, to yourself and others.  I’ve realized that giving it all to God is so freeing. When you are carrying a heavy weight in your life you cannot think clearly, operate smoothly, or give 100% in anything.  Just like carrying a 80lb weight would slow you down, so do hardened hearts and overbearing emotions. So I encourage you to LET IT GO; journal it, pray about it, cry, talk about it. Just LET IT GO.  You will feel so much better!

Remember, ” Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing” John 15:5 (NLT)

Apart from him we can do nothing, and how can we possibly think we will be fruitful in life if we carry heavy burdens and hurt without telling the one person who truly loves us all? 

Peace & Love,



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