Budget Meal Planning

Hi Honeys’ and Happy Holidays! 🙂

With the Holidays being super close ( like tomorrow ha) I wanted to touch on something that a lot of families and singles have an issue with, MEAL PLANNING. The busy schedules in our lives can cause us to eat out more than we nourish our body with whole foods and that can cause a variety of issues like weight gain, illness, and anxiety. I wanted to help those of you with super busy lives and those that just like to get ahead of the game especially during the holiday season. I find that planning out your meals for the week on a weekend day works best for me because I can literally freeze the pre-made meals and put them in the oven once I am ready to feed my hubby and I.

Below are some tips that are very helpful when meal planning and will make things very cost effective:

  • Shop for foods that are healthy yet inexpensive, ex. beans, sweet potatoes, eggs, organic chicken, fishMeal-Planning-Meal-Timing-Myth1
  • Watch out for sales at your favorite supermarket and plan accordingly
  • Look up cheap recipe ideas that will keep your family full and your pockets happy
  • Plan out your meals before you shop so that you don’t buy more than you need
  • Use repeat ingredients: If you find one particular food item is a favorite or cheap & healthy, find recipes that you that recipe that you may want to repeat during the week
  • If you have time visit a variety of your favorite grocery stores and find what each store has cheaper and where you can cut cost ( sort of like price matching)
  • Plan AHEAD, that way you don’t waste food and won’t have to throw away leftovers ( hint: it will be so good there won’t be any left by the time the next meal is due)

For my Busy folks:

  • When making a grocery list, store it in your phone so it’s easily accessible when you’re on the go
  • Always have a back up list, whenever you forget your new list or what you want exactly, have a staple of meals that you can make when all else fails and life gets busy
  • Look up some good freezer recipes so that you can knock out your weekly meals on your off day and heat them up later ( not too time consuming, I knock out 7 days of meals in 2 hours, work diligently)
  • Be careful of what you buy organic, if you don’t have time to get an all organic variety than focus on the fruits, veggies, and meats that have the most pesticides/risks
  • DO NOT STRESS, planning can get overwhelming but PLEASE do it according to your schedule and plan it out how it fits you and your family best

As always if you guys have any questions, please feel free to email me. Due to the holidays it will take me 1-2 days to respond so please bear with me. I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL Christmas and HAPPY New Year!





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