Let’s Talk Worth

Good Evening Honeys,

This subject has been heavy on my heart lately and I wanted to touch on the subject WORTH (this post is mainly for ladies, but I hope it inspires all). Self-Worth to be exact, and why as women it is so important not to lose sight of yourself. Being a woman in the superficial world we live in today can be HARD, there is so many demands, expectations, and stereotypes put on women daily. Social Media definitely doesn’t make it any better by branding that women should “look” a certain way and strive to be a certain “image”. Then of course women tend to lower their standards and expectations to impress men that often don’t deserve the crap we put ourselves through to please them.


I am all about submitting to your husband, but honey boyfriends do not get husband privileges and we certainly should not lower our standards when they are supposed to show fruit of being a proper husband before marriage anyway. You should not change who you are to appease someone else that is not Christ, and that is not just significant others, that goes for everyone.

Knowing your worth and who you are as a person is so important because often times when we lose sight of who we are it is hard to get back to who you were. Now some change is great,  as people we need growth to help develop us as a person and with that comes new habits, values, and overall developmental changes. Change however should come naturally and not be forced, do not ever feel as if you are less than because of what someone or society says. We are all beautiful and wonderfully made and you should view yourself as such.d4f0b24acce2e5dcebc51a6640c8e7fb

For YEARS I struggled with this, I always thought I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, thick enough, etc etc but now being a grown women I have the confidence to know other wise. Now I am NOT perfect by any means, I am just as flawed as the next person, and I also still have bad days when I feel as if I’m not that “sexy”, but I know who I am and what I stand for and that is BEING ME. Over the course of a couple years I found my confidence and that is different for everyone. Yes I absolutely love Jesus and honor him, I am thin, I am super goofy, I am a fat child at heart, and I love everyone and go out of my way for them no matter how “rude” they may treat me but that’s who I am and I stand confident, content, and happy in that.


So do me a favor and be you! There will never be a carbon copy of yourself or anyone who can do it better. Embrace you and be the change and uniqueness we need in this world. You are TRULY WONDERFUL!


Love you all!


*Disclaimer:: If you have no idea where to start in finding who you are as a person feel free to email me! I have some exercises,devotionals, and even work outs that can help you truly think and meditate in God’s presence in your self love journey. Stay beautiful*


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