My Health Journey

Hello Honeys’!

So I thought it would only be right that I share my health journey as a true opening to this site, and include why I am doing what I am doing.


From the mere age of 2 up until I was 20 I always ate a not-so-great diet. In no way do I  blame my parents because they were not educated on how to fully apply healthy nutrition but they always made sure we were fed. Once I got to high school and started working and making my own money, my fast food binges were on a full 100 and I was always eating something I deemed “delicious” from McDonalds and many other places. I never knew how deeply food would affect me until I started having digestive issues in 2010, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with undiagnosed stomach pains, constipation, unsuccessful cleanses, and doctor appointments. I dealt with this until 2012 when I went in for minor surgery with my specialist (endoscopy & colon cleanse), it was then I was finally diagnosed; I have Gastritis.

Gastritis is inflammation of the upper stomach that is triggered when you eat certain foods or have an overall bad diet. Luckily, I had acute Gastritis and it was not as severe as it could have been. My specialist put me on medication and that is when I knew that I did not want to live having to rely on pills daily to get me through. I am an advocate for natural healing and being healed through consuming wholesome natural foods. I have seen it change thousands of peoples lives and the journey they embark on is remarkable.


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In mid 2013 I began to cut out certain foods; dairy, red meat, and fast food products. When I made this transition I noticed that my digestion got way better and I did not have to take my medication as much as before. Over the course of 4 months eating this way I was able to stop my medication completely and allow my body to do it’s natural work. The reason I cut out these things is simply because:

1. Most people consume more dairy than their body needs daily, leading to just about everyone having a lactose irritation without knowing it.  People find that they have some type of discomfort after eating something with dairy and that is why.

2. Red meat is extremely hard on your body, out of all animal proteins, red meat is the hardest on your bodies energy level and takes the longest for your body to digest. This results in people getting the “itis” which is not a good thing, the “itis” is nothing more than your body being exhausted from your body trying to break down the food you ate and in turn takes all of the energy your body had left causing you to get sleepy

3. Fast food is self explanatory; it is full of preservatives, antibiotic injected meats, and some have meat that is made solely from animal by products(different parts of an animal, not one full part).  None of that food is good for you nor does it benefit your body in any way , it does way more harm. Anything that is processed has 0 nutrition value towards your body.

So these few facts brings me to why I am doing what I do with this site. Once I was able to get off of my medication, I felt God nudge me into the direction of health and wellness. He was telling me that with my experience, knowledge, and passion for this area I could really be an advocate to the people and help them lead healthier lifestyles as well. A healthy diet does not just affect you physically but it ties into your mental and spiritual mind as well. This is why it is so important to take care of your temple and treat it as God would want you to treat it. No one can truly fulfill their purpose here on earth with an unhealthy body, so let’s keep it healthy!

I am currently in the process of finding my own balance, and what foods work for me and don’t. I encourage you all to find what truly works for you and makes you feel your absolute best. I am so excited to learn and grow within myself , it will be a journey .

Thank you all for reading my journey and I hope it inspired you! See you next time!



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